Your 12-Month Checklist for Wedding Day Beauty

Photo by Jeff Loves Jessica

Photo by Jeff Loves Jessica


12 months

  • You should have already booked your wedding day makeup and hair artist.
  • Start a waxing regimen with your esthetician for appointments 1x/month if you anticipate doing regular waxing in order to achieve hair that grows back thinner and finer over time.
  • Start a facial regimen with your esthetician for appointments every 4-8 weeks. Discuss options since dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, laser treatments, and peels fulfill different needs. Coming up with the right plan for your skin is important. 
  • Start a cut/color regimen with your regular stylist for appointments every 6-8 weeks. 

6 months

  • Start the process for any drastic hair color changes with your regular stylist. For example, going from brown to blonde is not going to happen in one appointment. It will take a few appointments scheduled every couple of months for six months to successfully accomplish that transition while keeping the hair healthy. 

3 months

  • Get your extensions. 
  • If you’re going to try tape-in or sewn-in extensions, have them colored, placed, and cut to match a few months prior to the wedding. They last 6-8 weeks, so you’ll want to try them out for a round or two prior to the big day to make sure they’re the right choice for you. 
  • If you’re purchasing clip-in extensions, you need to order them and get them cut/colored before your trial run appointment. 

2 months

  • Schedule your makeup and hair trial run appointment and start discussing the wedding day schedule. 
  • Schedule a spray tan before your trial run appointment to try it out if you’re considering it.

2 weeks

  • Schedule one last color and cut so things are fresh but have time to settle. Schedule any men’s cuts around two weeks as well.

5-7 days

  • Get your last facial before the wedding – but only a gentle facial – no aggressive treatments should be administered this close to the big day. Consider a dermaplaning appointment to get rid of peach fuzz and reduce texture issues. 

3 days

  • Schedule waxing appointments. Do not get brows or lips waxed less than three days before the wedding or the makeup won’t sit right on the skin in those areas.

2 days

  • Schedule your mani-pedi. 
  • Get your spray tan for the wedding. Do not get your nails done after spray tanning or the solution may come off of your hands and feet. 

1 day

  • Get your rehearsal dinner makeup and hair done.
  • Men can get a straight-razor shave a day or two before the wedding but not on the day of the wedding. The appointments are lengthy, and sensitive skin will look flared up for a bit afterwards. 

wedding day

Wash your face, drink some water, and let your artist take care of the rest!