Happy Thanksgiving!

This year I have so much to be thankful for! When Michael and I were on our first date back in January, we declared 2016 to be “The Year of Awesome.” And it has been nothing short of awesome!


Life really is holistic – it’s all the moving parts that work together that make it great. I’ve never been so loved nor loved back so much. I’ve never been so content in my home. I’ve never worked fewer hours but accomplished more. I’ve never had such a picture perfect crew as the one we’ve evolved to at the studio. I’ve never had such a perfect home for the studio space. I’ve never been more inspired by my work. I’ve never connected more with clients. I’ve never been healthier. I’ve never been in the groove of my rhythms more than I am now. This is a year of complete thanks and gratitude from every angle.

I will continue to grow, work, inspire, love, create, guide, be present with, nurture, and fully be a part of the world around me in a way that makes me and everything I am a part of and everyone I come into contact with just a little bit better.  


If 2016 was the year of awesome, what will 2017 be? My Michael suggested we deem it 2017: The Year of All the True Love – partly because we are getting married in 2017, but also because there is so much room for all the true love with all of us in our work, our relationships, and ourselves. Where can we unabashedly, truly love all areas of our lives? I think Michael was onto something there… 2017: The Year of All the True Love, indeed.

Cheers! xxoo