The Importance of Mentorship




1. an experienced and trusted adviser.


Mentorship is imperative for everyone. A mentor has more knowledge and experience than a mentee and they are there to share. A mentor can guide, advise, advocate, and inspire a mentee. Mentors are very special as they have intimate knowledge of your hopes, fears, wins, and losses, and really serve as a friend and confidant in several ways.

I have several mentors – for life and for business – who I lean on when I need help or a listening ear. I have always held my mentors close through the years of going through college, graduate school, and then starting my business eight years ago. I still talk to them when I’m wrestling with a decision and need to relay my view of the pros and cons to someone who might have a perspective I should consider.

I also have served as a mentor to many people. I’ve helped students, working professionals, fellow small business owners, fellow artists, and many others on their journey towards being their best self and living their best life. I am a calculated risk taker, a passionate life liver, and an aggressive experience maker. One of my favorite things to do is to coach someone towards getting more of what they really want. No one is an island. You’ll get there faster by surrounding yourself with more great people, and you’ll do it with more company, more joy, and more support.

Take a minute to thank your mentor today. And if you can’t quite define who that is and/or you feel like there is room for more, reach out to a potential mentor.

We’re all in it together!