General FAQ

What type of services do you offer?

We offer business and lifestyle photography, as well as specialty services such as character designs and media work. We also do branding coaching and business coaching.

How much do services cost?

Photography packages range from $150-$650.  It depends on if it's business-related or family photography, etc.  Please inquire for our full list of rates. 

Do you come on-site?

Many of our styling and photoshoot services happen at our Northeast Minneapolis studio. We have great indoor and outdoor options for shoots at the studio and specialize in natural light.   

What time should I arrive to my appointment?

Right on time is perfect!  We book all clients by appointment only and since our building is secure at the street level, you have to call or text Brett to have her come and get you.  If you arrive quite early, you can hang tight in your car until your appointment time as we may not be available to receive your call or text until your intended arrival time.

Where should I park?

We have free parking lots on the East and North sides of our building.  Indeed Brewing is on the first floor and you can either come to their patio door or the NE 15th Ave entrance if you chose to instead park on the street.  Then be sure to call or text to have Brett come and get you at your appointment start time (651-253-7582).  

What should I wear for my headshot session?

I usually suggest doing one outfit that's more business professional (but only to the level you are comfortable with- like if you normally wear blazers, bring them, but if you do more sweaters then go that route, for example).  So one slightly more formal and one slightly less formal.  The less formal could be a dress with cap sleeves, or a blouse, or layered sweater look- whatever feels like a casual but professional "you."  And then I usually suggest one outfit for sure in neutrals (black, white, gray, desaturated blue) and then the other can be more color- at least in a bottom layer if you are layering, or even a brighter blazer.  Pattern is ok as long as it's not too busy.  Your skin tone can handle color just fine so no warnings against anything there.  And headshots are mostly waist-up though once in awhile whatever is on the bottom shows a bit.  We’re also happy to have you bring a handful of favorites and have Brett help you choose at your appointment.    

What type of photoshoots do you do?

We specialize in professional headshot sessions and marketing collateral shoots for small businesses, as well as family, maternity, kids, and senior photoshoots.

What should I wear for my photoshoot?

You should think about what makes you most comfortable and what you want to convey in your images.  Some people want to be more conservative and some like to be more casual.  We’re also happy to have you bring a handful of favorites and have Brett help you choose at your appointment.  

How many photos will I receive?

All shoots included unlimited edited high-resolution images along with client copyright.   

When will my photos be ready?

Your images will be ready within 1-2 weeks.

How do you deliver the photos?

We offer a digital download of your high-resolution images.

Do you offer prints or albums?

We don’t, but we’re happy to provide a referral for printing options or albums.

Do you have liability insurance?


What is your contract policy?

You can simply book your appointment online.  Pick a date/time that works for you, fill in your information, and remit payment.  

What is your payment policy?

We require full payment at the time of booking when you book your service online.  

Is gratuity included?

No. If you feel gratuity was earned, you can prepare cash or check and give it to your artist at your appointment. Industry standard is 20%.  Typically makeup/hair lessons and then photoshoot or event styling services would receive gratuity.  

Is Brett a guy?

Nope! Brett is a beautiful, whip-smart, redheaded lady.