Wedding FAQ

How much do services cost?

Package totals average $2,000 – which includes the bride and other members of the bridal party.  It's very popular still to have a bit larger wedding parties so it is a reflection of the larger groups.  Bridal packages range from $600-$1,200 depending on what the bride wants, then we add on the bridesmaids per person after that along with any custom requests.    

Is there a contract minimum?

We do not require a minimum, nor do we offer bundled packages, since every bride and wedding party have different needs.  We will give you a quote based on your headcount, location requests, etc.  

How far in advance should I book your services?

We recommend booking 10-18 months in advance. We only take one bride per date for Brett and the team.

Do you come on-site?

We offer both on-site and in-studio bridal services. Please inquire for more info.

Will you travel if my wedding is out of the Twin Cities, or out of Minnesota?

Yes, we love to travel! Please inquire for more info and rates.

Do bridal packages include a trial run?

Yes, the trial run appointment is included in your bridal services package. It’s booked approximately two months prior to the wedding at our studio in Northeast Minneapolis.  

How do I prepare for my trial run appointment?

Please wear white or another neutral color so that a bright clothing color does not conflict with your makeup palette colors. Feel free to come with a clean face or with your daily makeup on (we can always remove it before we start) and with clean hair or day-old hair. Bring your veil and hair accessories if they are available, though this is not required. Also bring along a photo of your bridal gown and any elements for the wedding that will help communicate the design direction for your event. Feel free to bring examples of hair and makeup that you like as well.

Can we do my trial run on the same day as my engagement session?

You could, but it would only make sense to do so if you plan to have the same hair and makeup look for the wedding day and your engagement pictures, and if you don’t mind people getting a sneak peek of your wedding day look. We recommend booking a separate shoot styling appointment for your engagement session makeup and hair.

Can I book a trial run appointment before I book my wedding?

We prefer not to do stand-alone trial runs since we don't guarantee your date without a contract; and there are sometimes clients that wait too long between that appointment and making a decision to book and they can't get their date.  If it were pertinent to have that before booking, you could book it at $300 but just be prepared to very quickly make a decision.  We normally include the trial run in the package price for the bride and recommend scheduling it about two months prior to the wedding.  If you end up wanting a second trial run it closer to the wedding if you changed your mind on the hair or makeup look, it would be an additional $300.  

How long does hair and makeup styling take? How many artists will be there on my wedding day?

We schedule up to five hours for makeup and hair on the wedding day. We typically book one artist for every three women getting makeup and hairstyling done. If you want the studio to staff more artists in a shorter amount of time, you can request that option for an additional staffing fee.     

What products do you use?

We use a variety of professional products in order to be both artists and solution-makers. It’s our job to understand color theory and cosmetics chemistry in order to create lovely and long-lasting makeup designs for clients. The products we choose for your application will be dependent on the type of shoot or event you are having, what your skin type is, how much makeup you are comfortable wearing, the temperature and lighting that will be at your shoot or event, and other considerations.  

Do you do airbrush? Faux lashes?

Yes, airbrush foundation and faux lash design are included in ALL of our makeup services- along with a little lip color touch up.  We do not discount services for requests to skip airbrush or faux lashes.  

What is airbrush and do I need it?

Getting airbrush makeup is like getting insurance for your wedding day look – it helps things look a little more perfect for longer. It photographs beautifully and is imperative for covering any discoloration or texture issues. We use airbrush as a supplement to – not a substitution for – traditional cream makeup.  We’ll first use color theory to do neutralizing and start building luminosity before doing airbrush to prevent things from looking flat or cake-y.

Do you work with extensions?

Of course! Over half of our brides choose to incorporate extensions. Sometimes extensions are needed for length, and sometimes they are needed for thickness. We don’t sell extensions at the studio, but we’re happy to give you a referral for where to get them, whether you want clip-in extensions or semi-permanent ones. There is no additional fee for clip-in extension placement.  

Do you do kid’s and teen’s services?

We can provide hairstyling for the younger gals in your wedding party and/or family. Typically, we can offer a reduced rate for kids between the ages of 4-11 years old. Please inquire for more info.

Do you have liability insurance?


What is your contract policy?

We require an in-person (or phone/Skype/FaceTime, if you live out of state) meet and greet consultation with Brett to discuss your needs further and to verify we are a mutually good fit.  If you decide to move forward with booking after the consultation, we will offer an electronic contract for your review and signature.  

What is your deposit and payment policy?

We require a 50% deposit within one week of contracting. The remaining payment is due one month prior to the wedding date. We accept credit cards here or checks via mail.  You can receive a 5% savings on your contract total if you pay in full at the time of the deposit.  

Is gratuity included?

No, but it is a typical practice to give a tip to your makeup and hair team.  But we are old fashioned, so if you feel gratuity was earned, you can prepare cash or check and give the whole amount directly to Brett, who will then distribute it to the team as appropriate. Industry standard is 20%.

Is Brett a guy?

Nope! Brett is a beautiful, whip-smart, redheaded lady.